Glute Training 101

Glute Training 101

Have you ever wondered how you can build that perfect booty that everyone admires?

This article will give you some of the most important information on how to shape and grow your butt.

Now, let’s start with the basics.

The glute muscles are divided into 3 main parts:

Gluteus maximus, which is the most visible part because it is located on top of the other glute muscles.

Gluteus medius, which is above the gluteus maximus. In other words, it makes your butt visible from the side.

Gluteus minimus, which is not visible at all because it is underneath the gluteus maximus. It supports movements such as hip extension and abduction.

Piriformis is a small muscle that is also part of the glute muscles but it is primarily involved in your posture and hip adduction, so we don’t count it as a primary glute muscle. Glutes Anatomy

So, as you might guess the two important glute groups that you have to focus on to have a visible and shaped butt are the gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius.

But how do you actually develop these muscles?

For some people, the squat, deadlift, and lunges may do the trick since they’re compound movements and target almost all of your body.

Yet, there are some athletes that feel their butts are lacking, compared to their hamstrings and quadriceps.

For those of you out there, you might need a little isolation or a modification in your current routine.

Some of the best glute exercises that you can try are: 

Back Squat with Resistance Bands

You have to use 50% of your 1RM and attach resistance bands to the bar. By doing this you don’t need a lot of weight. As the weight moves up the resistance bands add more force to your body. Try to squeeze your butt as hard as possible when you are up.

Also, don’t forget to go deep. Diving below parallel is what will make the difference between an average booty and a great-looking ass!


Bulgarian Split-Squat from a Deficit

This means that both your front and back foot have to be elevated.

By doing this, your knee will have the chance to go deeper and you will definitely feel it more in the glutes.

The increased range of motion will definitely pay off.


Hip Thrust

The Hip Thrust is an exercise you’ll see more and more athletes perform in the gym.

And that’s not a coincidence. The movement is great because it targets your glutes directly.

Try to add some weight to the bar and progressively overload it for maximum results.

You can always add some isolation movements such as banded-side kicks and kickbacks but ALWAYS focus on getting stronger on the above-mentioned exercises as well as the deadlift and its variations. 

Hip Thursts


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Happy booty-building!